Itaewon is an area of central Seoul, South Korea. It is served by Seoul Subway Line 6. About 22,000 people reside in the district and it is a popular area for residents of Seoul, tourists, and US army personnel.

Many restaurants serving international dishes including cuisine from India, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Turkey, Germany, France and Mexico can be found in Itaewon. The Seoul Central Mosque is also located here.

Itaewon is also one of the most popular areas in Seoul for tourists. Major hotels such as the Hyatt and local landmark Hamilton Hotel can be found here as well as dozens of shops and services aimed at tourists. High quality leather products can be found here at reasonable prices (Haggling is expected.) as well as varied traditional Korean souvenirs. Counterfeit goods and clothing are ubiquitous and of varying quality, but genuine goods produced domestically for the international market as well as some authentic imports can also be found. Itaewon is also known for its tailors who custom-make suits.


Itaewon is home to the Seoul International Darts League and the Itaewon Pool League.


The following venues host events in the abovementioned leagues.